How to Be Savvy Enough This Coming Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping Period

Without a doubt, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the busiest and daunting shopping days of the year because every shopper wants to grab the best deals to save the most of their hard earn cash. To be able to make Black Friday and Cyber Monday less daunting, and to get the best possible deals, follow the tips highlighted below religiously:

Create a comprehensive plan of what you want to buy before going on Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping

If you’ve ever taken part in any Black Friday and Cyber Monday or read news about the two phenomena, you know that most shoppers partake in these important days without knowing what they want to buy. This almost always leads to impulse buying, and customers always end up not buying what they need. That’s why you, as a shopper, need to plan upfront by writing down specific items you want to buy before hitting the store on Black Friday or hunching over your computers to buy on Cyber Monday. A plan will save you time, stress and money. A comprehensive plan will also make you a savvy shopper.

Do your due diligence before Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping day

There’s nothing annoying like dedicating your time and effort to plow through the crowd to get into the store during Black Friday, only to fail to pinpoint the location of the products you want. This can only amplify the already stressful situation. That underscores the importance of knowing the blueprint or layout of the store you’ve chosen to shop on before the material day. The best course of action is to physically go to the chosen store and check out where each product is situated. If you’re looking to shop on Cyber Monday, take quality time before the main day to peruse through the storefront and other locations to see where the best-discounted products are listed. If you do this, you’ll be savvy enough, and shopping will not feel like work on the real day.

Leverage technology to help you pinpoint the best online Cyber Monday deals

If you’re planning to shop on Cyber Monday, it’s ideal to take advantage of technology to get the best possible deals. There are many Cyber Monday coupons and codes that shoppers never know. GeoQpons and RetailMeNot are just some of the apps that can help you locate Black Friday and Cyber Monday coupons that will save you money. You can also use apps like SlickDeals, Flipp and Shopkick to identify retailers that offer the best discounts locally and internationally during black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Ensure to use safe online shopping practices when partaking in Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping

Due to the record transactions that happen online during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, hackers are attracted to these days. They hung about hoping to con an unsuspecting shopper who doesn’t take security seriously when paying for items. Some security checklists to take seriously include ensuring the online store you shop on has an https URL and a lock icon. An https URL and a lock icon are indicative of a secure website. Also, avoid entering credit card information when using public Wi-Fi. A golden rule of thumb is to set strong passwords before Cyber Monday. A secure password should contain letters numbers, and characters.

Desist from signing up for retail store credit cards

It’s almost certain that when you visit any retail store, you’ll be asked if you’d love to save some money by applying for their credit card. These store cards usually are more expensive than your normal credit cards, as they carry APR of more than 25%. When compared to the regular credit cards which have APR of 15%, retail store cards are more expensive. On top of that, they negatively impact your credit rating.